Internet / Timed Bidding

Internet Bidding will not be available until 1 hr prior to webcast.

Internet bidding approval final cut off 9 am sale day. No exceptions!

To bid on a mobile device you MUST download the Team Auctions App from the Apple AppStore or Google Play Store. Timed Auctions are not available on the Team Auctions App, bids must be placed through a web browser.

How to Register for an Auction
Upcoming Auctions

*Attention Online Bidders*

You MUST register 48 hrs before for every sale to bid online. To do this click “Request to Bid” link for each sale.

Want to be preapproved for the year? Send in your bank letter for approval to:

For questions please contact the office @ 780-542-4337 Or email

For technical support please call 1-844-442-3732

BID LIVE on your phone or tablet in our Live Webcast Auctions using our Mobile Apps.  Download the Team Sekura Auctions app on the Apple AppStore or Google Play Store.

1. Log In using your registered email address and password. If you are not a registered bidder, click “Sign Up” and complete the required information. How to bid Image 1
2. Once logged in to your account, you will need to select “Request to Bid” for the sale you are interested in. How to bid Image 3
3. You will need to accept the terms and conditions when you place your request to bid. Even if you are approved to bid, you will not be able to access the webcast until the terms and conditions have been accepted. How to bid Image 4
4. If you have requested to bid and accepted the terms, but have not yet been approved, your status will read “Bid Request Pending.” The approval process may take a couple of days. Please make sure that you have submitted the bank letter that guarantees funds. How to bid Image 5
5. Once you have been approved and the terms and conditions have been accepted, you will see a button to “Enter Auction” approximately 1 hour before the live online bidding is set to begin. You will need to click this link to access the webcast. How to bid Image 6
6. IF you DO NOT wish to bid, but would like to view the auction, click the “Watch Only” button. This will allow you to view the auction, but your bid button will be inactive. How to bid Image 7
7. Click on your name in the top right corner. This allows you to view your bidder number and update any account settings. How to bid Image 2
For a Timed Auction the steps are slightly different. After you have "accepted the terms" and are pending, there is no "Watch Only" mode. Users can just view lots and each lot will have a notification of Bid Request Pending.
Approval Note:
Purchases under $5000 require verbal approval. Purchases over $5,000 will require a bank letter that guarantees funds, equal to or exceeding the estimated purchase amount. Please send in a bank letter for approval to . This letter will then also guarantee your approval for all future 2019 Auctions with Team Auctions.